Bookish and Blogging Goals for 2019

8 January 2019

Goodbye 2018, hello 2019, year that is hopefully good to me and doesn't murder me.

B O O K I S H :

Read 50-100 books. Okay, so I while I do really want to aim for 100 books this year I WILL be happy if I only make 50. I can't remember the last time I didn't read at least 100 books a year (I read 295 books in 2015...where are those skills now...) but I'm starting uni this year and have no idea how busy I'm going to be so I'm trying to put as little pressure around reading as possible.

Start a book club. I've always wanted to be a part of a book club but none that I know of  really interest me so I'd like to try starting my own.

Try Alisha Rai, Alyssa Cole, Helen Hoang, Nalini Singh and Talia Hibbert's books! These authors were all over my social media last year and I really want to pick up their books.

Buy books thoughtfully. I think I did quite well with physical books in 2018 but definitely could've done better with ebooks. I only buy physical copies of books I LOVE and have read and so I know I LOVE them (would die for them) but ebooks are another story. I feel like my kindle is filling up with $1 deals that look good but I've bought so many of them my kindle is now full to bursting and I want to kind of cut down on that and also read some of them as well (so I can buy more...).

Add up every book I buy to see how much money I spend on books this year. This is more to see how much I spend on ebooks as I only bought 9 physical books last year but god only knows how many my defense most of them were $1 deals but that all adds up and this year I want to see how much I really spend on books all year.

B L O G :

Interview 3 authors. I loved interviewing Lucy Parker so much last year that I really want to start making author interviews more of a feature on the blog! Just aiming for 3 because I have no idea how much time this year I'm actually going to be able to put into it, but 3 should be achievable...I hope lol.

Interview 3 bloggers! Specifically NZ bloggers. I'm so excited for this! I want to bring more awareness to NZ bloggers as I feel like there's so few of us that bringing some attention to us and our blogs is important!

Start 3 new blog series! I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS it's just what ones I choose!!

Hold 3 twitter giveaways. I have a bit of money now and I want to start giving away books I love when I can!

Join in 2 twitter chats. I'm utterly shit at interacting on twitter, partly in the fear that I'm not cool/funny/whatever enough but I do want to join in a couple of twitter chats this year.

Stop lurking on twitter and interact more. This goes hand in hand with the twitter chat thing because I feel like I just lurk and don't interact enough!

Improve my book photography. It's definitely improved but it could be SO much better lmao. Something I'm going to try and experiment with more this year.

COMMENT ON ALL THE BLOGS. When I first started blogging I was the bloody queen of commenting and now I'm like...zilch. So in 2019 I really want to making commenting and REPLYING to all your lovely comments here (I appreciate them more than I could ever put into words, I'm sorry I suck so much at replying to you) a part of my routine!

so there are my bookish and blogging goals! do fill me in on yours if you have any for this year! :)

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  1. Good luck with your goals! I also want to interact more on Twitter. It’s very easy to just scroll and not say anything.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Thank youuuu! Ahhh, all I've done is scroll this year, it's so bad!

  2. Start a blog series is also one of my resolutions for this year. I also have these ideas floating in my head but I dillydally when it comes to actually writing the posts. Cheering for the both of us this 2019!

    Jennilyn @ Rurouni Jenni Reads

    1. Same! I have so many ideas that I *love* but I don't know which one(s) to pick!! Good luck with your series!


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