What did I do before Libby?

5 July 2020


It's saved me SO much money. Instead of buying books on kindle, I just get them out on Libby now!

It's made me read waaaaay more broadly. I've read way more recipe books, memoirs and general nonfiction than I normally do when I'm reading purely from my kindle and my physical TBR which I think is great.

Audiobooks! I am the pickiest person you've ever met when it comes to audiobooks but I've found a few that I've ACTUALLY really enjoyed and which have been really useful when I'm doing mind numbingly boring tasks like scraping three tons of blue tac off my bedroom wall.

It's such a time-waste curer. Walking to uni? Read on Libby. Driving? Listen to an audiobook on Libby. Got a spare ten minutes somewhere? Read on Libby.

I read SO much faster on Libby than a physical book. I'm a fast reader anyway but my god there's something about Libby that just lets me zoom through books on there. Magic or just my annoying competitiveness to try and finish a book more quickly than Libby estimates I will? We'll never know...


Poor Montgomery, my beloved kindle has been collecting a bit of dust over the last few months. I keep meaning to pick him up and read some stuff on my kindle, but Libby keeps distracting me!

I don't love doing so much reading on a phone screen. I spend a lot of time with my face in a screen already and although I love how flexible it is to have Libby on my phone, I miss reading physical books and my kindle as well (my kindle doesn't feel as 'screeny' as a phone screen...yes I am aware that sentence probably made zero sense, MOVING ON).

Why do you only get ten holds and ten loans at a time? Thankfully I've got my sister's card on my phone as well so I can put some of my holds and loans on her card, but I find it annoying that you've only got such a small number of stuff out when there's SO many books available on Libby.

Libby has definitely cut down my trips to the library. Which is something I'm trying to rectify this year as libraries are incredible and good for your health and we must support them!

do you use libby? what do you think of it?


  1. Haha, I can relate to the title of this post! Since I got Libby, I rarely get physical books from the library anymore. Another con for me would be my TBR shelf. I haven’t stopped buying books. The books I own sit around forever because I’m distracted by Libby.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!


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