21 bookish things

28 June 2020

1) I'm ever so slowly becoming keener on audiobooks...I've successfully listened to two audiobooks (don't judge me!!) all the way through and really enjoyed them so let's see if I can listen to another two before the end of the year!

2) Historical fiction has claimed its place as my favourite genre once again! Fantasy got the top spot for a few years but it's nice to feel like I'm going back to my 'first bookish love' which was historical fiction.

3) I am quickly becoming the biggest memoir freak EVER. The genre is taking over my life, send help! The weirder the person's life is/has been, the quicker I eat that shit up.

4) I'm currently remaking my book page wall and I HATE IT HERE; I never want to do it again, lol.

5) I still hate reading anything with ghost shit in it. Anything above MG and it's a MASSIVE no from me. I don't understand how I'm completely fine with blood, gore and general murder/psychopathic stuff but ghost books make me never want to come out from under my bed ever again.

6) Murder mysteries set in boarding schools are SO ADDICTIVE. I've become obsessed with them in the last year and I can't get enough of them!

7) I am now shockingly not such a hardback fan?? Like I still think hardbacks are gorgeous but when I buy books now I'm starting to turn to buying paperbacks instead of hardbacks which is something I've NEVER wanted to do in the past?

It took me until the grand age of 21, to realize what a MASSIVE mood reader I am. I always thought I was in control of what I wanted to read but....NO. Ohhhh no I am not. I don't know how some readers stick to monthly TBRs as it's just impossible for me!

9) I didn't think I was in a reading slump because I've been reading so much this year but I realized the other day that I've actually enjoyed so little of what I've read this year. So maybe a 'reading a lot but not enjoying anything' slump? Which is sad!

10) On a happier note, here are some books I HAVE read and loved this year: A MURDEROUS RELATION by Deanna Raybourn; TO HAVE AND TO HOAX by Martha Waters; MORTAL ARTS by Anna Lee Huber; THE ROGUE NOT TAKEN by Sarah MacLean; and MAGIC FOR LIARS by Sarah Gailey!

11) I just want the New Adult genre to make a proper comeback lmao.

12) Something that's been giving me so much bookish joy over the last few months is Bookstagram! You can check out my account here if you like! I find it so positive, lovely and uplifting, plus so many pretty book photos!

13) I'm never found it so hard to make room for reading then this year. My second year of uni is asking so much more of me then my first year plus trying to do uni work among Covid-19 worries and lockdown has been such a struggle.

14) Really want to try and up my classics game a bit more as the few classics I've read so far this year I've really enjoyed! Any recs?

15) I feel like in the last year my favourite genres have moved around a bit, but my least-favourite genre has stayed exactly the same and won't be budging from that spot and that is SCI-FI. I used to actually like sci-fi when I was younger but now, I can't stand it.

16) My favourite bookish blogs at the moment: Words With Lara, Happy Indulgence and The Book Satchel!

17) My favourite booktube channels at the moment: Zoe's All Booked, fictionalfates, chanelletime, A Frolic Through Fiction and The Artisan Geek!

18) I've read over 100 books so far this year! Hope I can hit 150 before the end of the year!

19) April 2020 marked 6!!!!! years of Novelly Ella!! Oh my god I can't believe I've been blogging for so long and that the people of the internet have been putting up with my bookish shitposting for so long!!!

20) I just finished reading...QUEENIE by Candice Carty-Williams (really good, definitely recommend!!).

21) I'm currently reading...THE PRIORY OF THE ORANGE TREE by Samantha Shannon (YES, I am finally reading this for real after putting it off for 18 months!!).

tell me something bookish about yourself!


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