Why Rereading Is So Important To Me

22 July 2019

The only thing I enjoy more than an amazing book is an amazing book that I love to reread again and again. There will always be those books that you think are the *best thing you've ever read* on the first read but know deep down that if you ever reread it you’ll probably not enjoy it as much -- or worse, find problems with it.So I LOVE finding those books that you just *know* you're going to enjoy just as much or even more every time you reread them.

These books are so important to me because they’re comfortable and safe in that I know that I love the book already and I know what’s going to happen (sometimes word for word!), but also exciting and nostalgic because I love the story so much and makes me feel so good and also brings back all the feelings of when I read it for the very first time.

Rereading a well-loved favourite book of mine fills me with so much joy. Revisiting a story that I love makes me so happy and is generally one of the most self-caring things I can do for myself. I think sometimes I actually prefer rereading old favourites than discovering newer ones.

are you a fan of rereading??

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